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The Fave Data team, like many data teams, started off as a business intelligence team focussing on reporting and dashboards. Its primary focus was attempting to realise the aspirations of Fave being a data-driven company, a term with as many interpretations as there are eCards sold on our platform.

As the company and data repositories grew, so did the team’s ambitions around that data. What we were doing and what we wanted to be doing was a growing gap that needed closing. Fast forward past the arduousness and the team is now distinctly structured into Business Risk, Data Engineering and…

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A user buying a Fave Deal or an eCard or using FavePay at Fave’s merchant partners has the option of paying using credit/debit cards or using online banking. They can get further discounts by using credits they’ve accumulated as well as apply promo code to get more. Malaysian users can redeem their AirAsia Big Points and pay from their Boost e-Wallet. Singaporean users can link up their GrabPay Wallet. …

Sarhan Abd. Samat

Data driven and therefore climate change minded

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